Liliana Chachian




  “ The energetically melodious and brilliant Brazilian vocalist Liliana Chachian..”

 ( Straight No Chaser )


“ .... Liliana Chachian’s beautiful voice soaring above wonderful Brazilian melodies and beats”

( Jazz Wise )



“ Liliana has a glorious voice. Sensual, shapely and beguiling, it’s perfect for the smooth and lovely intonations..”

 ( The Guardian )

" From Japanese production stars Yasushi Ide and Yoko Ota.... includes 'No Colo do Mar' by Liliana Chachian    ( the enthralling "voice of Da Lata"    and a joyous celebration with percussionist Nana Vasconcelos"

( Making Waves, Chrissie Murray )

" The beautiful voice of Liliana Chachian perfectly suits this infectious driving composition from one of the UK's finest latin groups.

( Snowboy presents Hi-Hat

Negrocan - Brasil Nagó )

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